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It sounds so easy, “be present in the moment”. But how do you actually do that!? I envy people that are able to just sit down, with their own thoughts and enjoy the stillness, doing nothing. I’ve always been a restless soul and I enjoy action and when things are happening around me, loved working as a waitress in a full restaurant for example (my close friends probably laugh while reading this since I’m also the most tired person in northern Europe, 3 hour power naps is kind of my thing). I get kicks from challenging myself and I want to be the best that I can be in the things I really enjoy doing, like surfing and yoga. Add some competitive spirit and you have a perfect recipe for a stressed out body and a mind filled with shattered confidence…

Today I really had to challenge myself in this new, and for me unfamiliar way. I was forced to be still and quiet while my body just wanted to “get high”. To ride one really nice wave. To practice more on that backhand top turn that I’m struggeling with. But there was only tiny tiny waves and I had to choose from either go back home, already dressed in my wetsuit or surrender and try to appreciate the beauty of the sunny and clear afternoon. I would love to say that I really enjoyed it but that would have been a big fat lie. I was focusing on my breath, smelling the ocean and for a couple of minutes I actually think I did it! I was present in the moment. Didn’t plan for tomorrow, wasn’t thinking about the coming trip to Bali, wasn’t disappointed about the non existing surf. It sucked, but I tried.

© surfsyster.se

© surfsyster.se

7 years ago I would have been so proud of this wave, today -not so much! © surfsyster.se