About Surfsyster

Welcome to Surfsyster.se, a blog about my life as a surfer in Sweden! Surfsyster (surf sister in swedish) refers to the fact that I work as a nurse, often called “sister” in swedish and that I have a little brother. My passion for surfing started in Bali 2008 and I’ve been hooked ever since. At the moment I live in Sweden where I’ve started to enjoy the challenges of coldwater surfing. Although I still love to travel (to warmer countries!) and whenever I’ve got time and money I pack my board bag and head for adventures around the globe. I’m also addicted to sushi, comfortable pants, steaming hot showers, cats and yoga. Follow me on my search for waves in Sweden and abroad!

Equipment: Quiver Hartattack 5’10, Bourton Bottomfeeder 5’11, Rusty Dwart 5’6.
Home break: What works best for the day in south of Sweden and el Medio, Tenerife.
Other interests: Snowboarding, longboard and yoga.
Dreams to fulfill: To be able to surf when I turn 80.
Next surf-destination: Bali, april 2015.

Please feel free to contact me at info@surfsyster.se or use the contact form below.